All of the gloves sold by Gardener Gear can be classed as "Grip Gloves". We believe that as well as protecting your hand from various hazards while maintaining dexterity, the most important thing for a gardening glove is to give good grip.

Our gloves have been individually tried, tested and extensively used by our team of protective clothing experts to ensure we only sell the very best grip gloves. To be honest, we don't really need to test our gloves as we have complete faith and trust with the manufacturers Showa and Skytec, but the golves are just so good we see "testing" as a good excuse to use the gloves.

Our grip gloves are coated in various materials to suit different tasks. Some are coated in latex, some in nitrile, and some in PVC. All give exceptionalgrip, with some gloves going that extra mile by giving a textured coating.

A good example of a textured coated grip glove is the Showa 310 grip. The palm is cated in textured latex which gives excellent grip wile protecting against micro cuts.

The Showa 451 Thermo glove is very similar to the 310. It has the same textured latex coating to give the same level of grip. However, the 451 comes with a thermal lining making it a perfect campanion to the 310 for cold weather.

Another option for cold weather is the Skytec Argon thermal gloves. These gloves have a HPT textured coating, which again gives great grip. The real benefit of the Argons is their exceptional thermal quality. The double insulated nylon liner makes this glove extremely comfortable and warm, and is rated to -50 °C!

Another great grip glove is the very populare Showa 370 Floreo glove. This glove has a nitrile coating which makes it lighter and more supple than the 310. The coating has only a slight texture to it, just enough to give it a great grip, but not too much that it affects dexterity and movement. This glove is flexible and durable, making it our best selling gardening glove for light garden work.