The latex material is used in the manufacture of gloves because it offers a great waterproof surface while maintaining a high level of grip. Popular gloves such as the Showa 310 and Showa 451 have a latex palm coating to give them a great grip in dry or wet conditions.

However, these latex gloves can cause problems for people with latex allergies, and so a range of latex free gloves is available.

Here is a list of our top selling latex free gloves

1. Showa 370 Floreo

Showa 370 Floreo Latex Free GlovesOf all gloves on Gardener Gear, the Showa 370 Floreo is the best selling gloves as they offer great protection against abrasions and cuts while remaining flexible to give a high level of dexterity. They also look great too, with a range of colours to choose from. They also come in children size so you can kit out your little helpers with the same gloves as you wear in the garden.

As well as being a great gardening glove, many of our customers opt for the Showa 370 gloves because they are latex free. The palm is made from Nitrile, meaning it can be worn by anyone.

2. Skytec Utah Disposable Gloves

Skytec Utah Latext Free Disposable GlovesBy far, our best selling disposbale glove of all time is the Skytec Utah. When looking for latex free gloves you have to be extra careful with disposable gloves. They are typically made from a single material, which means if you have a latex disposable glove the latex will be directly on your skin. On the other hand, non-disposable gloves typically only have the latex coating on the outside, with the liner made from another material, for example cotton.

The Skytec Utah gloves come in a dispenser box of 100 gloves, meaning they are a perfect addition to any shed or garage to keep your hands clean and dry during those messy jobs.

3. Showa 660

Showa 660 Oil Resistant Latex Free GlovesThe Showa 660 gives you a great alternative for a latex free glove that also provides chemical and oil resistance. This makes the 660 perfect for working in the garage, or fixing lawn mowers, anywhere an engine is involved. The 660 has a PVC coating, which gives it the high resistance to chemicals and oils.