The Showa 451 Grip Thermo Gloves give you excellent hand protection against cuts and abrasions, as well as being specifically designed to keep your hands warm in cold conditions.

These thermo gloves are very popular with our customers, especially during the winter months. They have a textured latex coating to give you exceptional grip while also protecting your hand from cuts, abrasions, aggresive detergents and alcohols.

However, the real benefit of the Showa 451 thermo gloves is the thermal lining, which is EN511 rated to give you industrial standard thermal protection. The lining is also seamless, which is a common trait of Showa gloves that makes it very comfortable to wear, as there is nothing inside the glove to irritate the hand or fingers.

Showa have also shown their attention to detail in the colouring of the glove. Making the 451 glove grey / dark grey in colour gives it a low-soil colour. This means the gloves do not appear as dirty as other gloves when working in the garden. The gloves are also machine washable, and have had antibacterial and anti-odour treatment which all adds up to give you a hard wearing thermal grip glove that lasts longer than other alternatives.

Another alternative thermal glove is the Skytec Argon thermal glove. The Argon is double insulated to make it even warmer to wear than the 451, but does not offer the same level of cut and abrasive protection. Also, because of the double layer of lining, the Argon is a bit bigger than the 451, which means the 451 is more suitable for delicate tasks.

If you plan on working outdoors, or even inside in a cold room, shed or garage, the Showa 451 thermo glove is a great choice of glove.