Waterproof work gloves from Gardener GearA common trait of keen gardeners is when wet weather draws in, we are often more concerned about the welfare of our plants and flowers than we do about ourselves. Although it's important to tend to your garden during changes in climate and weather, you should always wear the correct clothing to protect yourself before stepping outside.

One of the most important items you should have in your shed or garage is a pair of good quality waterproof work gloves. These are essential for a wide range of tasks, be it in rainy conditions, working with wet or damp soil, or even for washing the car. A pair of waterproof work gloves is essential for any gardener.

There are a few things to watch out for when buying waterproof gloves:

1. Good grip in wet conditions. You will be wearing these gloves in wet conditions, so make sure that as well as being waterproof, the glove has a grip that performs just as well in wet conditions as it does in dry conditions.

2. Make sure the waterproof coating covers the whole hand. Some gloves only coat the palm and half way up the back of the hand. This makes the glove more flexible, but it also means it isn't fully waterproof.

3. You should watch out for the length of the cuff. Most non-waterproof gloves only cover the hand and stop at the wrist, but to give maximum waterproof protection to your hands you will probably want a slightly longer cuff to protect your wrist and part of your arm as well.

4. Since you are looking for a waterproof glove, you might also want a glove that is oil and chemical resistant as well so you can use the same glove for working with petrol lawn mowers, fixing your car or motorbike, working with your bycycle chain, or any other environment where there is oils and chemicals.

Our best selling waterproof works gloves are the Showa 660 and Showa 690 gloves. These are essentially the same glove, the difference being the 660 is a gauntlet glove that goes part of the way up your forearm, and the 690 is a full arm length version to protect your whole arm.

These gloves meet all the points raised above. They have excellent grip in wet and dry conditions, they are fully coated (with extra textured coating over the hand), they cover part or all of your arm, and they are chemical and oil resistant.

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