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Skytec Argon Thermal Gloves

Skytec Argon Thermal Gloves

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Please note: this item is only available from mid January 2018.

Gardener Gear is proud to stock one of the best performing thermal gloves available on the market - the Skytec Argon thermal glove.

These gloves have a 3/4 HPT foam coating with double insulated nylon liner to ensure it protects the hand to temperatures as low as -50 degrees. They are a popular choice, especially through the winter months, and are used on a regular basis by all of us here at Gardener Gear.

Skytec Argon Features

  • Durable glove that remains flexible to temperatures as low as –50ºC
  • Encapsulated air molecules provide an inherent cushioning effect
  • Secure grip in wet and dry environments
  • Excellent dexterity, flexibility and durability
  • Silicone free


  • Double insulated nylon liner with a HPT foam ¾ coating
  • Additional foam coating across the palm, knuckles and fingers provides greater protection even in wet environments
  • Warm and soft lining, anatomically designed for comfort and fit
  • Treated with Actifresh to kill bacteria and promote freshness
  • Black colouring to hide soiling

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