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Gardening Gloves

Our gardening gloves are all high performance gloves that give you unbeatable grip and comfort while protecting you against a variety of hazards.

The first thing to realise when buying a new pair of gardening gloves is there are important differences between each glove. Some are specifically designed to be warm, thermal gloves, others protect you against cuts, others against scrapes and abrasions. It’s important to get the right pair of gloves to match the type of gardening you typically carry out.

If you are new to Gardener Gear, we suggest you start with the Showa Floreo 370 glove for light gardening use, working with plants, compost and general pruning.

For more heavy work such as digging, mowing the lawn and such like, we recommend the Showa 310 glove as a great multipurpose glove that gives a little more protection for your hands.

Be sure to try filtering the gloves by attribute by using the links in the left sidebar to help find your perfect garden glove.

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